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 Your donation will play a vital role in helping adorable puppies become highly skilled service dogs for families living with autism.

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You Can Make a Difference Today

Dogs are incredible companions whether they’re helping you out on the job or just relaxing with you at the end of the day. They’re loyal, social and highly intelligent – the perfect combination of traits for a pet to have. But some dogs put their skills into even greater action, helping people with disabilities make their way through the world.

Service dogs are invaluable additions to many people’s lives. They’re given rigorous training in order to detect and assist with a huge variety of medical issues. Whether they’re leading the visually impaired through dense crowds, fetching medication during a panic attack or helping their owners up after a fall, service dogs perform amazing life-saving feats every day.

Many people don’t realize just how common service dogs are. In fact, even celebrities have service dogs – comedian Drew Lynch, actress Carrie Fisher, and President George H. W. Bush are just three of many famous service dog owners. 

Animals Help Individuals with Autism Live Fuller Lives

Therapy dogs for autism are different than guide dogs. ASD-therapy dogs are specifically trained to assist individuals who have an autism spectrum disorder. These dogs can improve their guardian’s communication skills, oversee his or her safety and can even serve as an ‘ice breaker’ in a social situation. Furthermore, these animals have the ability to comfort their guardians during stressful moments, including when an individual with autism lashes out because others cannot understand what he or she is trying to convey.

How much cost for autistic dog ?

Service dogs are quite expensive because of their extensive training to work with an autistic child. Information from Autism Service Dogs of America indicates that they can cost $10,000+. Charities that provide dogs for autism assistance do so at a cost upwards of $25,842.14 per dog.

"To enhance the quality of life for people with difficulities predominately autism through the provision of highly qualified service dogs"

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sponsor a puppy
Your donation will play a vital role in helping adorable puppies become highly skilled service dogs for families living with autism.
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